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Okay, this is the very first time I have written a critique, so forgive me, if I missed the point, but let me tell you first, that this...

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Baldur and Hodur
Norse mythology again, because I kinda got it with those twins. ^^;
Baldr is considered to be the Norse god of light, purity, justice, love peace and forgiveness (he's too fucking cute, seriously, a Viking god can't be this cute!!!). He is a real sweetheart, very beautiful and loved by everyone (well, except for Loki-_-), therefore gets a lot of attention. But he prefers to spend his time with his twin-brother and his son instead of the rest of the noisy crew. Partly because he's very sensitive, but mainly because they always throw stuff at him (because he's oh-so-invulnerable). Although many call themselves his friends, he knows that they just want to gather around him for the glamour. Therefore he prefers to seek his friends in other panthea. But his dearest friend is always his twin Hödr. While Baldr is the bright, loved twin, he suffers from nightmares only his brother knows about. Most Aesir don't understand why he is so attached to his blind brother, but Baldr doesn't really care. He feels bad that Hödr hardly gets any attention from their parents Odin and Frigg, so he often speaks on his behalf.
Hödr is the darker twin. His function in mythology (until Loki tricks him into killing Baldr) is unknown, but he seems to be associated with cold, darkness and winter, so I stuck with that. He is introverted, calm and gloomy, but sensible and intelligent. Since he is blind, he is often considered a nuisance by the others. But he still is very skilled with weapons, as long as he knows where the target is. Hödr is more detached and unemotional than Baldr, but he adores his twin deeply. And while it annoys him, that the blonde still sneaks into his room after a nightmare (after all he's grown-up and married), he never denies his distressed twin his comfort. Secretly he is happy that his brother trusts him more than the others, but he'd never admit that. He is very perceptive and (normally) a good judge of character. Just the slightest change of voice is enough for him to know what Baldr really feels like.
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Hödr: Baldr! I'm so sorryyyy! I didn't mean to kill youuu! Waaaah! 
Baldr: Shhh, don't cry. It wasn't your fault, brother dear. Please don't cry. Comfort me. 
Hel: Well, that's cute! *ohmygawds, she's smiling!*
Nanna: :grump:
Hel: U jelly, Nanna? :icontrollfaceplz:
Nanna: N-no! W-why would I be jealous?! :iconcrazyblushplz:
Hel: Awww! Hey, boys! Nanna is jelly! XD
Nanna: AM NOT!!! :iconmassiveblushplz:
Hödr: :facepalm:
Baldr: ^^;

Norse mythology, specifically after Vali has killed Hödr in revenge for killing Baldr. Or more like Loki tricked the blind god to throw a mistletoe spear, which happened to be the only thing Baldr wasn't immune against, thus it killed the poor guy. Loki was being an ass. Okay, he probably was pissed at Odin for what he did to his kids, but to kill Baldr, that sweetheart who couldn't harm a fly? And framing his blind twin brother, who only wanted to have some fun with his brother? Nope. Just nope.
Anyways, after Baldr died, his mother Frigg sent her other son Hermodr, the messenger, down to Hel. Hermodr told Hel to be a bro and give Baldr back and she was like, okay, if you guys like him so much, then prove it to me! If everyone mourns his death and cries for him, then I'll let him come back!
And because everyone loved Baldr so much they all cried for him except for - yep, you've guessed it! - Loki in disguise if a giantess. And so Baldr had to stay in the underworld. At his funeral, his wife Nanna died of a broken heart and was buried with him. And Odin was so pissed that he spawned another son (afore-mentioned Vali) to kill off Hödr, whom he blamed for Baldr's death.
Oh, and Loki was chained to a rock and above his head there was a snake that dropped venom onto his skin. Yeah, hurts. But lucky for him, he had the strongest and most loyal wife in Norse mythology. Sigyn held a bowl above his head to catch the venom, but every time the bowl was full, she had to go and empty it, and the venom dropped onto Loki's skin. And when he shook in pain, it caused earthquakes.
And when Ragnarök comes he will break free, get his not-so-little ones, lead an army against the Aesir, destroy the world and shit.
After that, the world will be reborn and Baldr comes back from the underworld, together with his twin Hödr, whom he has reconciled with, his half-brothers Vali and Vidar and Thor's boys Magni and Modi, and then they rule this new world and the circle starts again. Simple. XD
Here is Hödr arriving in Niflheim after his death and Baldr is there to greet him.
Lots of tears and sorries.
Hel approves.
Nanna is jelly.
And yes, Hel has little bells on her scythe. Why? I like bells. And I thought she might want to hear something else aside from the howling of the wind and the dead souls in her domain. They probably also were pretty helpful for guiding the blind Hödr to his brother. ;)


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