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Okay, this is the very first time I have written a critique, so forgive me, if I missed the point, but let me tell you first, that this...

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Mature content
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I control the natural course of everything, even the faintest breath that passes through.
I spin and cut the thread, and carry people away in my bittersweet embrace to a better world.
Everyone avoids me, but they must realize I am everywhere; and see all one wishes to hide.
I lurk in your bedrooms, communities and stairways;waiting for my next time to in un noticed,till its too late.
Some people yearn for my embrace,to escape from the life they were thrust into.
They take their weapons of choice. and come to me bleeding, in emotional pieces; shattered glass that never got picked up.
Some people gamble with me, juggling cancer with their cards lined up at the ready.
I am in the end the best player, capturing the right flush to win.
It may take decades or simple moments, but soon you will be caught in my web.
Sometimes, I am your unlikely savior.
Life brings you out into the world too soon, and I can see your broken route on the highway of life.
Rather then have you suffer, I save you fr
:iconpuddlethecat:puddlethecat 54 23
Hel learns her true nature.
Hel was 8 years old and she had never seen light. At least she didn't think she had. Not in her memory. But she knew what it was, because of her brothers. Hel was the youngest of three. Her older brothers Fenrir and Jormungandr had seen light. And they had told her about it. Just as they had told her about the outside.
Hel had never seen outside. She dreamed of what outside might look like with it's light and sky and all the things her brothers had told her of.
When she was six she had asked her mum why she never went outside, like her brothers. And she was told it was terrible out there. Her brothers were strong and could stand it, but Hel was different and so she could not go outside.
She was a small child with long midnight black hair and deep rich, purple eyes. Her mothers eyes. Hel knew her mother loved her more than anything. And so when her mother told her she must stay inside she knew there must be a reason.
The only person Hel loved more than her mother was Loki. Her dear fath
:iconiglybo:Iglybo 31 230
Daddy's Girl
Night was falling through the Ironwood, bringing with it the damp chill of another winter night.  Loki had never minded the cold, and as darkness fell he could be found lying in the grass at the edge of the forest, mindlessly counting the stars.  The children were away; he wasn’t sure where, but he trusted them to stay out of too much trouble.  It had been a long time since he’d had an evening to himself.
He had nearly dozed off when the sound of velvet paws padding across the field brought him back to himself.  Fenrir.  He stood slowly, stretching as he watched the wolf cub close the distance between them with huge, effortless strides.  He smiled, proud of his son as he was of all his offspring.
“Father,” Fenrir greeted Loki, sitting back on his haunches as he reached his destination.  Even so young, his shoulders were already level with Loki’s head.  He gave a playful grin.  “Found you!”
:iconuinenfirestar:UinenFirestar 21 24
Mature content
I Never, Nordic 5 :iconhikari-kaitou:Hikari-Kaitou 214 83
MYth character: Ares :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 1,363 82 gift - Schicksal ist eine Bitch :iconsebistara:Sebistara 3 21
Nidhogg and Hel have a tea party.
    Nidhogg gave the bowl of warm brown leaf juice a sceptical look. “I don't think dragons drink tea.” He growled. Hel gave him a worried look.
    “Oh I am so sorry, would you like some water, or milk, hedgehogs love milk?” She suggested in an apologetic tone.
    The dragon shot out a spurt of flame in aggravation. “Do I look like a hedgehog?”
“Of course not. Umm I have mead?” She suggested hopefully.
    The dragon's nostrils smoked as it literally fumed with anger. “Yes just what every dragon wants to drink, a flammable liquid.” It hisses furiously.
    Hel blushed and stammered so many apologies that eventually the dragon calmed down. “Would you please explain why you invited me here.” He suggested in a bored tone.
    “Oh yes, of course. I am so sorry I am taking up your valuable time. It's just that I was hoping to talk to you about.. um... w
:iconiglybo:Iglybo 14 28
Loki's scars.
    Loki touched the fresh wounds gingerly. It had hurt far more than he could ever have imagined. The Aesir had held him down when the dwarfs made the stitches. But Loki hadn't struggled, he refused to scream or cry out as they cut the holes.
    He knew he should have carefully cut the leather binding and delicately removed the string. If he had then he would have been left with small dots for scars and nothing more. But his pride would never have allowed that.
    No Loki always had to have the last word. And so he had torn the stitches from his mouth. That was what had really hurt. But he had ignored the pain and used his magic to hold his lips together well enough to talk. Just so he could point out to the leaving dwarfs that he had tricked them into making six great treasures of unimaginable value for free.
     That was why he had baited the dwarfs and wagered his head. Loki had hoped to impress Odin, his now distant blood brother and
:iconiglybo:Iglybo 17 1,181
Born from the mist.
    He woke to see whiteness. There was nothing but whiteness all around him. It formed coils and cold tendrils that snaked around him. Mist. The word floated across his mind like the mist he stared at. He reached out a hand to touch it then paused to stare at the hand. He flexed his fingers wondering how he knew the words for these things. He felt he could remember someone saying the words long ago. He shook his head slightly trying to find the memory but it drifted out of reach.
    He reached out again and touched the mist enjoying the cool touch of it. Then he felt a weird sensation: He could feel the mist where it touched his hand, but also he could feel his hand as if the mist were a part of him. He closed his eyes and focused on what the mist felt. He found he could feel the grass around him where the mist touched it. He reached out further.
    He found he could sense a huge wide valley full of grass, rocks and a small river running along th
:iconiglybo:Iglybo 8 6
France and Britain :iconrebelofgod:RebelOfGod 17 6



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